Who is Lola? And why is she being made?
The idea is simple – to conquer 30 countries by the time her owner hits 30!

the making of lola


So that is Lola. 4 wheels, a metal frame and a plastic face.

Lola, the shopping trolley, came to life in early 2012 back in Sydney when her owner decided to emigrate to the other side of the world. It was then that a simple souvenir/farewell gift became a precious travelling companion across the many cities and countries.

Beginning her travels approximately 16983.04 kilometres (10553.06 miles) away from home, Lola is aiming to conquer 30 countries around the world by the time her owner hits 30 (and she’s not far from it).

From a memento of the past to a prop of the present, this travelling trolley has yet to fail the imagination of those she surrounds. Delivering frolic amusement, she continuously branches out and discover the unmeasurable variety of culture, passion and food.

Adored by many and laughed by more but no matter where the destination is Lola will be in the suitcase.


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