I Am: Amsterdam

Moving on we arrived in Amsterdam! The tour first took us to Keukenhof, where a park full of colourful spring flowers blossomed for miles and miles (Sorry, didn’t have photos). We played around for about an hour then made our way to Zaanse Schans to see the windmill village.

I am quite a big fan when it comes to windmills, so you would assume that when we arrived it was such an incredible sight for me. All the beautiful assorted Dutch buildings and colourful gardens everywhere, I was so amazed I actually got a bit lost and couldn’t find my group (oops).

Amsterdam is known for quite a few things but when it comes to being a tourist you can’t leave the city without crossing a few things off your list; tulips, windmills, clogs and cheese.

The main city centre is surrounded by canals. Honestly, instead of high streets it’s just water. And we all love that! There are more bicycles in the city than pedestrians on the streets. According to Google, there are an estimate of 800,000 bikes in Amsterdam.

Cruising down on a canal tour, by boat or by bike you will be able to see the distinct Dutch architecture of tall, narrow houses with gable facades painted in a muted palette. It’s fascinating how they all fit side by side.


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