Phase Two North for: Norway

Day Two – Snowshoe Hiking
Caught a ferry across the fjord to the Lyngen Alps and drove to get our gear but for snowshoe hiking it seems all I needed were some tennis rackets. Strapped to my hiking boots, the only advice the guide gave me was not to walk backwards (and silly me, of course I did).

The hike wasn’t hard and it was rather peaceful. Feels good to clear the mind and be away from the city. The round trip was 3 hours and plenty to take in but the photos just didn’t do it justice. We made it to the top and the scenery was astonishing. There were no people, no sound, just blue skies and the big bright sun! I wish we could’ve stayed up there for longer.

Day Three – Dog Sledding!!!!!
I have to say dog sledding was the best thing I’ve done so far!
There are loads of tourist groups that do dog sledding at different locations but I would definitely recommend doing it at Kvaløya. The staff were friendly and the views were stunning. All the huskies were hyped with energy, barking and howling so loudly that it pumps your adrenaline. Switching between drivers, we start off at a slow speed then begin picking it up as we get more experienced. The entire activity is about 3 hours and the way back is pretty much a non-stop ride. Weeeeee…

One of my favourite dogs was little playful Bolto! he had so much energy and was constantly rolling (and eating) the snow when we stopped. I’d have to say they are extremely strong dogs! As we returned back to the station, with two feet on the break, they still managed to drag us for a good 2 metres.

Day Four – Touristy Stuff
The rest of the trip was spent enjoying the city, adventuring across the Tromsø Bridge, visiting the Arctic Cathedral and eating yummy food of course! From speaking to others on my tours, I was recommended by a lovely New Zealand couple to try Risø mat & kaffebar. The price was very decent, food was good and coffee was no doubt delectable. I spent rest of the day exploring the streets, wandering past the aquarium and of course in search for my collectible snow globe!

Overall, my trip for one was unbelievable! I do miss sharing the joy with someone but it was such a great experience to do things in my own time without having to worry about others. 🙂


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