The Beginning: Britain

First adventure and it happened to be the longest journey ever imagined. A total of more than 27 hours of flying and waiting in transit, the foreign touchdown into Britain has never felt more comforting. But of course, this is where something goes wrong.

Baggage collection. One suitcase. Three wheels. How? No one knows, or in this case – no one cares. The airline’s carelessness was incredibly shocking to the point that I wasn’t sure if I should pull or drag my suitcase across the airport floor.

Once my belongings were unpacked it was obvious it all had become a damaged disaster – this involved a tiny bottle of bright yellow nail polish in a concealed package exploding all over it’s surrounding pieces, which even a full bottle of polish remover could not fix.

Surprisingly, not a dent on the trolley.

The following few days consists of adjusting to the absurd time difference and becoming indefinitely nocturnal. Luckily for us Spring has sprung and we found ourselves surrounded by bright beds of daffodils in different combinations of orange, white and yellow.

the making of lola - in Britain

Without time to adjust, we took advantage of every sunny moment we could (because the London locals say it’s not often) and hopped on a tour to Stonehenge to play with a couple of rocks. While we were there we stopped by the town of Bath for a lovely stroll in the sun.

(Please excuse the crazy hair, we’ve all had those days)




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