The United States of: America

Phase 1: New York

So our first experience with the United States…

From the busy city traffic to the hustle and bustle on the streets, this town definitely had plenty to see and do. So, as all tourist may experience, we got ourselves some city passes for the main sightseeing attractions.

Waking up nice and early, we caught a ferry to Liberty Island to see the iconic statue. Considering we only had a few days in New York, we were very grateful to see the statue on such a lovely day. Walking up onto the island it was incredible to see the size difference between Lola the 151 foot tall Lady Liberty (almost couldn’t fit them in the same shot). As per usual we faffed about for a while, taking novelty shots of the trolley and a substantial amount of shameless selfies, before heading back to the city.

Making the most out of our time and passes, we journeyed around town through the fun museums. Checking off first was the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) where we lost ourselves for a couple of hours in the multiple levels of.. well.. Art!

One of my favourite museums of all, the Guggenheim, was astonishing. From the outside to inside, the organic architectural curves gave a sense of ease and composure. The only is – what goes up must come down… back through the spiral.

In a rush before closing, we had a very limited amount of time to study the interiors of the Metropolitan Museum. Dashing swiftly from room to room before they announced for visitors to make their way to the exits, we still managed to sneak a few silly photos in. Can you spot my head? *wink wink*

From Times Square to Rockefeller to the Empire State, we spent the rest of the trip in New York roaming the streets to find deliciousness for my tummy. Although, I thought a lot of the meals I had seem to be supersized for my little body.



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