Phase 2: Coachella

So why are we here? In America? I believe the trip was originally organised to coordinate with the hefty music festival, Coachella.

In between the 3 days and nights of doof doof, we managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing around the Valley. The roads were wide and the horizon was just simply breathtaking. We drove for ages and did not get sick of the view at all. However, we did have to stop for fuel and this is where we discovered something amazing – SNICKERS ICE CREAM! (Yes, I know they are sold all over the world now. Keep in mind this was 2012)

During our sightseeing mission we were all persuaded by my sister to go to the Joshua Tree National Park. Naively, we all said yes.

What is a Joshua Tree you ask? This odd looking dead but alive furry type of tree behind me.


and what is the Joshua Tree National Park?… pretty much what we’ve been driving through for the last 20 minutes! So why we paid $20 to go in? I don’t know. Nonetheless, we made the most of it and climbed up, and down, and all around the rocks!

(As you can see, I injured my ankle from stepping in a ditch on the first day walking to the festival. But I still managed 3 days of dancing and a mountain of rocks! Yay me!)

Post-Festival, we continued our road trip to see the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam and ended up in Vegas. That’s where it all becomes a blur (that and the fact that I can’t find the photos saved).


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